Revealed: how Digital Kitchen created photo realistic CG food

Digital Kitchen has posted a mouth-watering 'making of ' video on its work for Ehrmann Mixim yoghurt. Watch it above.

Advertising agency StrawberryFrog approached DK to create the food brand's first US TV ad. The American studio complied with a spot that sees glistening cherries and chocolate shavings plop into the creamy yoghurt, with a recurring heart motif being formed from fruit, confectionary and the product itself.

As the behind-the-scenes video reveals, Digital Kitchen built the spot entirely in 3D, taking references from real world photography and stock imagery to create the CG assets. Such an approach gave the team the freedom to create camera angles that would otherwise be impossible, as welll as deliver the message of the spot in one fluid sequence.

Reference footage was shot on Digital Kitchen's studio and physically accurate cameras, lensing, and lighting were used to model the assets in 3ds max. The animation of the falling cherries and chocolate were hand-keyed to ensure the most artistically appealing movement and compositions.

Texture maps were created in Photoshop and assets were rendered in V-Ray. Scenes were lit using tools developed by A&G Tool Company, with the spot being composited in Fusion. 

The team also made use of Thinkbox’s Genome for yoghurt impacts, developing a system memorably dubbed 'plop-tech' by the creatives 


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