Radiohead's new music video: Burn The Witch is The Wicker Man set in Trumpton

Radiohead's Burn The Witch music video (above) is a stop-motion mix of classic children's TV and horror, and was directed by Chris Hopewell.

Following the deletion of some of the band's social media presences and an Instagram teaser, Radiohead fans have finally some new music – and a stop-motion music video to accompany.

Chris Hopewell's music video for Burn The Witch follows in a similar vein to his work for the band's There There (at least the taxidermy and set-based bits) and The Knife's Marble House – blending the mundane and disturbing.

The video begins normally enough with a miniature village scene that could be straight out of Bura and Hardwick's Trumpton, Camberwick Green or Chigley. And then it all gets a bit weird and burny, like a kids TV show from Scarfolk.

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