Following in the footsteps of Prologue Films and The Mill, PostPanic have created this year’s opening titles for the OFFF Festival in Barcelona.

Written by PostPanic director Mischa Rozema and British graphic designer, Si Scott, the opening titles reflect their dark thoughts on a possible future. Directed by Mischa and shot on location in Prague, the film guides the viewer through a grim scenario embedded with the names of artists appearing at this year’s OFFF festival through some subtle and photorealistic use of matchmoving and other VFX techniques.

The live action was brought back to Amsterdam for post, primarily carried out by PostPanic’s in-house team of artists but also with the additional help of freelancers and partner companies that PostPanic has enjoyed strong creative relationships with over the years.

Mischa Rozema says that "we knew we wanted to make something that would unsettle and menace the audience. It was always going to be dark but also highly aesthetic. This project has filled our spare hours for the past 6 months and it is incredibly satisfying to work on something that we were given complete creative freedom on – that’s a rare luxury these days."

The title sequence is linked to a fake post-apocalyptic film, Barcelona Year Zero, that is providing inspiration for a number of creative projects lined to OFFF 2011. The titles are clearly influenced by the music videos of Mark Romanek -- especially his work for Nine Inch Nails (who released an apocalypse-themed album called Year Zero in 2007) -- and Chris Cunningham.

Stills from the film can be seen below.