PostPanic and BSUR reveal new Mini concept car

Amsterdam-based ad agency BSUR and animation house PostPanic have created an online film to launch a new concept car for Mini. The concept car, named the Rocketman, will be officially unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show on the March 1. 

The Rocketman concept sees Mini aiming to reinvent the small car again by going back to the essence of Mini’s founding design principles. The car, a three-seater with a space-saving carbon-fibre cross frame, has been designed to appeal to 'Mini purists'.

Its creators say that while the Rocketman is not a retro car, it is a modern interpretation of the original Miniidea: a fun, simple, ultra compact solution to urban mobility.

The film was created using a mixed media approach, combining live action with both 2D and 3D animation, motion graphics, stock footage and visual effects. The result takes the audience on a journey from Mini’s inception in 1959 through to present day.

“It’s great to see an iconic brand like MINI change the way we see future mobility. Again," says BSUR’s executive creative director, Jason Schragger. "We wanted to show how the thinking today is inspired by the rebellious nature of the original Mini design. So we took this opportunity to show Mini’s evolution through the years and finally into the future.”

The concept car, in keeping with the Mini’s heritage, comes complete with the Union Jack flag. Once switched on, in-laid LEDs in the car’s all-glass roof light up in the familiar colours of red, white and blue.

The two-minute product film is part of a social media campaign across YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. The car itself will go into production based on response.

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