Poetica's CG spot takes a cyclist through a glowing abstract landscape

The animated film above was created by creative agency Poetica as a spec film for Trek Bicycles.

The piece was conceptualized by Poetica's creative director Steve Tozzi and brought to life with the help of CG director and lead animator John Clausing and senior Flame artist Aaron Vasquez.

Here's what the firm says about the film:

"The film revolves around a cyclist traveling through a menagerie of hyper-stylized landscapes, each populated with phantasmagorical cranes, flowers, and more, made up of bicycle parts. However, it also functions as a case study on the capabilities of Softimage, and Arnold, a powerful new 3D CG-rendering program.

"Poetica rendered some 200-plus passes of CG to bring the stunning images to life with a quick turnaround. Additionally, programs such as Exocortex, Slipstream, and ICE were employed to give the VFX a singularly natural and organic look."

“We wanted this film to be a something of a vision, but to also turn it into something that moves and lives,” said Steve. “We used the bicycle as a toolkit to build other things while relying on the refined look of the elements and this real sense of light throughout. It’s really pushing the limits of 3D design.”

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