Plenty explains how it made analytics seem approachable in cute IBM Zoo animation

Jelly London's Plenty was asked to make business analytics approachable in a new IBM animation. Here, the creators tell us how they tackled the task.

Plenty's 30-second animation uses cute, quirky animation and a delightful soundtrack to make the idea of business analytics seem actually quite appealing.

Ines Palmer, the producer at Plenty, explained to us how the agency went from a challenging brief to a finished film.

What was the brief?

We were asked to create an IBM world to help explain to midmarket companies how IBM new services work. It had to be stylish and sophisticated but also friendly and approachable.

How did you turn that brief into an idea?

We created different scenarios, from a coffee shop to a zoo, and different characters with whom the audience can relate to.

How did you go about animating it?

We mainly worked in Cinema 4D, with the exception of the lion and owl characters, which were made in Maya. It was very important to make sure the modelling would work for high-res print and low-res banner animation. Some time going into too much detail can make small elements stick or flicker.

How did you come up with the look of the characters?

We wanted the characters to have a specific look. All of them are very tall and thin beyond human proportions. The animals have very big heads and popping eyes instead.

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