Plenty animates paper city for Volkswagen ad campaign

Art and motion direction studio Plenty has created a series of three TV spots for Volkswagen Mexico that use paper craft-style animation to represent the car maker's eco-friendly push.

Working with DDB Mexico and production company The Maestros, Plenty interpreted Volkswagen's "Think Blue" campaign slogan using a cool, minimal colour palette to create the charming CG paper craft effect seen throughout the films.

As Volkswagen's new models are designed to me more environmentally friendly, blue was chosen to be the colour for the campaign thanks to its eco-friendly reputation within the car industry.

In order to create the paper craft-style characters and bring them to life, Plenty used a variety of software including Modo, Maya, 3D Mac, Arnold and Nuke.

The Jelly London represented studio has previously worked on campaigns for M TV, Fox, IBM, Vodafone, Coca Cola and more.

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