Piccadilly Curtains creates BBC One's charming Christmas idents

Strange Beast animator Piccadilly Curtains has created BBC One's charming new Christmas idents.

Advertising agency RKCR/Y&R approached Strange Beast with the commission for the idents, challenging them with the task of bringing wrapping paper to life.

Five different wrapping paper patterns have been created, each with its own design and animation, from a carol-singing robin to a pair of loved-up reindeer.

"I wanted to create something that at first glance looked very traditional, but where possible incorporate a modern twist," says director Piccadilly Curtains (a.k.a Adam Parry), referring to elements like the iPad-like device that the robin uses to read the Christmassy lyrics (above).

To create the idents, a combination of traditional hand-drawn character animation, 3D animation and digital 2D animation was used.

"There was no particular or single aesthetic that RKCR/Y&R or the BBC was after," Piccadilly Curtains explains. "Everyone involved was keen to explore a number of different and varied styles that reflect the enormous variation found on real wrapping paper designs. This meant I got to explore and try my hand at a range of design sensibilities, without repetition."

Previously, Piccadilly Curtains has worked on a range of high profile TV, film and new media projects at Framestore and was creative director at Superfad.

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