Passion Pictures takes Peanuts (with Snoopy) to the Super Bowl

Passion Pictures has produced an ad to be shown before last night's Super Bowl XLVIII that features the Peanuts gang including Snoopy and Charlie Brown. The ad is for life insurance company MetLife, sponsors of the MetLife Stadium in New Jersey where the match was played.

The ad sees the animated cast come together around Schroeder playing the US Anthem, The Star Spangled Banner, on his piano. As you might expect from a Super Bowl ad, the spot eschews the gently cynicism of the cartoon in favour of all-out patriotism.

But considering Peanuts association with handegg, with Charlie Brown endlessly having his attempt to kick a ball stymied by Lucy pulling the ball away (while insisting that this time she really wouldn't) – it does feel like a lost opportunity for some observational humour.

The spot was created by Passion Pictures for ad agency Ari Merkin. Post-production was performed by Absolute London.

For confused Brits, American Football is a bit like rubgy, except that players are cossetted in padding and everyone stops for a bit of a breather every few minutes. The match was won by the Seattle Seahawks over the Denver Broncos by 43-8.

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