Officer&Gentleman's cheeky animation shows Pornhub's Bangfit activity tracker in action (SFW)

Bangfit is porn site Pornhub's latest promo campaign, following on from its widely-shared Christmas ad.

It's a 'wearable for sex' works for couples to track their fitness while getting down to business - and it's also another example of product-as-promo, a combined digital and physical product that exists primarily for PR and marketing purposes rather than to be profitable through sales.

Pornhub Bangfit promo video

The campaign also includes the animation video above showing the company's 'idea' behind the Bangfit and how it works. It was created by Officer&Gentleman, who also created the Christmas ad (below).


Officer&Gentleman was founded by Spanish copywriter Javi Iñiguez de Onzoño and American art director Alex Katz. This video was art directed and animated by Vladimir Marchukov, featuring illustrations by Dmitry Stolz.

The video presents sex as a more enjoyable form of exercise than going to the gym, and shows how the Bangfit lets couples gamify the stats around their exercise they're getting during sex. It shows how those stats can be shared on social media, a final indication that Pornhub isn't taking this product entirely seriously.

The Bangfit combines a smartphone app with a kinda-bumbag for your phone that straps round your waist. Perhaps not the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the phrase 'wearable for sex', but apparently once you select the position you and your partner are in, it tracks your movements using your phone's accelerometer.

Bangfit is the latest move by Pornhub to promote itself as fun rather than mucky, and to further detoxify the idea of watching porn. It's also portraying itself as socially responsible, backing the UK government's attempts to make all porn sites using age-verification, which came up again in yesterday's Queen's Speech.

These tactics appear to be working, as the Bangfit has had coverage on major tech sites - which I can't imagine happening for a promo related to many other porn sites.

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