Nike's 'World Cup' ad is a stop-motion animation made from 240 real murals

Russia's rough and ready version of the Beautiful Game known as korobka is brought to exhilarating life in this mix of street art and animation.

You'd be hard-pressed not to have noticed it's the FIFA World Cup in Russia, where superstar players do their thing in tidy, spacious pitches as part of glorious and expensive stadiums. There is another side to football in Russia though in the form of korobka street football, a rough and ready form of the game played in cage-like courtyards around the country by its youth. 

Forming part of Nike's Never Ask campaign – and not directly linked to the World Cup, as Adidas is an official sponsor – is a glimpse of this adolescent underworld, The Korobka Never Asks, a thrilling 43 seconds of animation that combines comics and street art with a frenetic stop motion energy.

These youth culture fixtures usually come adorned with street art, and in that spirit ad agency Wieden & Kennedy Amsterdam pasted over 240 murals in various korobka of between 2 to 16-metres which were then stitched into a film telling the story of a young footballer with big dreams for the future. 

Direction came from French animation studio CRCR working with David Wilson of RiffRaff, with animation reins given over to fellow Parisians Wizz, their making-of videos embedded below for your viewing pleasure, with the first an animatic of the piece.

This second video shows the simple figures of the previous video in more sketched out form.

Colours are then added in this last video, with its figures then imposed over the real world korobka footage seen in the final product.

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