Nike ranges new and classic get wildly interpreted by artists and animators worldwide – here are the best

Unsung Taiwan collectives and cult stars like Julian Glander give their takes on the Air Max 97 and 270 React for one of Nike's most colourful promo pushes yet.

It's been a big week for Nike campaigns, with celebrations popping up online of a new Air Max range and the swoosh of its classic logo. While the swoosh isn't celebrating any anniversaries this year, shoewear brand Footlocker decided to team up with agency One Hundred – and a whole host of cult animators – for a series of short loops inspired by the logo and classic Nike shoes like the Air Max 97.

Speaking of Air Maxes, the new 270 React range got a major push this week, with young western artists creating prints and matching variants of the shoe as based on modern art movements like Bauhaus. While those works got some buzz this week, there was a similar official project in Taiwan, with major Taipei art space Pon Ding working with local artists to do the same thing but to much, much better effect (and sadly less fanfare).

We've collated the best illustrations and animations from all these projects below, ideal for artistic creators wanting to see how even corporate branding can be a place for creative self-expression. It also makes for a nice insight into Taiwan's artistic scene, and good eye candy for all those streetwear culture vultures out there.

Julian Glander

Ham the Illustrator

Chen Hsian Jung

Grand Chamaco

Chou Yi

Check out the animated version of Chou's piece below via the Pon Ding Instagram.

Rhymezlikedimez (Robin Velghe)

Super Add

Joe Prytherch (Mason London) 

Tiago Majuelos


Rodrigo Miguel

Drew Tyndell

Ruff Mercy

John Yuyi and Wang Hsin-Kai (Circusjoker)

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