Nexus Studio’s absolutely gorgeous animation about how you nurture your ideas

Developers carry the responsibility of turning a great idea into a physical output or service – such as creating new apps, websites and other user experiences.

The demand for more developers is significant, as well as bettering the relationship between designers and developers.

Google hosted its I/O developers conference in California's San Francisco from May 17 to 19. To mark the beginning of the occasion film and interactive media studio, Nexus Studio, created a beautiful animation following adorable character Aye (the I in I/O), whom diligently embarks on a journey of fostering an idea (an egg, the O in I/O) into fruition.

The 4.5-minute animated short film was created by Nexus director FX Goby, and screened across three cinematic screens to around 7,000 conference goers. It was also live-streamed to viewers across the globe.

FX directed a team of 40 studio artists at Nexus to reflect the development stages on animation itself. This can be seen through the film's transition from hand drawn 2D black and white animation to a fully colourful, CG, VFX finish. This has been combined with a full soundtrack.

Have a watch for yourself.

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