New Banksy YouTube vid features Islamists killing Dumbo

First part of the street artist's New York City-wide residence, Better Out Than In, lambasts the 'Disneyfication' of war and terrorism.

Banksy has posted a surreal video art piece incorporating purported Al Jazeera footage of unidentified Islamist fighters firing on an overhead target with a shoulder-mounted rocket launcher.

The shaky video has all the details you have come to expect from such footage, including masked men carrying big weapons and screaming all the usual “Allahu Akbars". However, if you stick with it, you come to realize the enemy that the rebels are battling is not who you might expect.

Banksy's Better Out Than In

The video features some of the pop-friendly poltical juxtapositions fans have come to expect from Mr. Banksy, mixing slapstick and terrorism (though its no Four Lions). The video piece is part of the artist’s month-long, self-appointed New York City-wide residence, Better Out Than In. The project is being documented on the artist’s project page as well as on the Twitter account @banksyny.

The “Rebel rocket attack” footage is currently the only video posted on the Banksy NY YouTube page. The clip, which went up on Sunday may hint to an upcoming physical installment in Brooklyn’s DUMBO neighborhood, though the only following entry on the residency page is a heart-shaped balloon in Brooklyn’s Red Hook neighborhood.

You can keep up with the project along with irreverent audio guide on the banksyny site. For those in need of a little background on the artist, you should checkout the amazing Banksy documentary (or possibly mockumentary) Exit Through The Gift Shop available for streaming on Netflix, Amazon, Google Play, and Hulu Plus. Even if you don’t know (or care) about street art, the movie can’t help but put a smile on your face.

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