New approach to automated camera tracking in After Effects from fayteq

German startup firm fayteq is soon to launch fayIN, an automated tracking plugin for Adobe After Effects.

Editors can use it to insert digital content into their footage using fayteq’s algorithms for automated camera tracking, which the company said would skip the time-consuming processes of manually defining tracking masks keyframe by keyframe.

The plug-in, the company's first for the Adobe software, also features automatic environment illumination and shadow transfer, as well as automatic lens distortion correction

The company said editors could save time by placing multiple inserts based one single camera track and applying various trackers on one piece of footage simultaneously. The plug-in continues to track even if the masked area or object leaves camera sight.

The technology (and new company website)  will be launched at IBC in Amsterdam next month.

A spin-off company of the Ilmenau University of Technology (TU Ilmenau), fayteq offers specialist technology for offline and real- time video compositing, including fast digital camera tracking, automation of digital inserts and digital object removal.

The company is also set to release fayOUT, another After Effects plugin, but this time for automated digital object removal.

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