The Neighbourhood adds feline mischief to saucy animation

Working as creative partner with Amaze, the brand's communications agency, The Neighbourhood devised, produced and directed The Saucy Fish Co.’s fourth national television campaign as part of a £2.5million campaign.

Capturing a week in the life of a new ‘Saucy couple’ and their mischievous pet cat, the new ads aim to offer a approachable and playful personality to the brand, exploring every day occasions in which fish and sauce combinations can be enjoyed.

Adobe's Photoshop and After Effects, as well as the Duik (DuDuF IK & Animation) Tools by Duduf were used to create the two intial new spots.

The first 30 second story features a new product, King Prawn, Squid & Chorizo Foil Bake Bag in a Sherry and Herb Sauce, while a shortened 20-second version features hero product Salmon with Chilli, Lime and Ginger.

"For this year's Saucy Fish campaign we went with an uncluttered, less textured design, with a reduced colour palette," said Chris Moran, who was the lead designer and animator on the project. "The character design was updated from the previous retro look, and the overall feel matched more closely to the brand and the new, cleaner website design and packaging."

"The original style frames were created in Photoshop, but many of the assets were recreated in After Effects," added Moran. "The DUIK tool was used to rig the characters, and a lot of the limbs were redrawn in After Effects using solid layers with masks."

"This meant that we had more flexibility and control over each body part when it came to animating them. It can be a time consuming technique but it produces a nice result."

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