National Film Board of Canada launches StopMo Studio iPad app

Developed by the National Film Board of Canada (NFB), the new StopMo Studio app for iPad is designed for both casual and experienced users who want an intuitive way to animate stop-motion films using their tablet.

Launched this week, the new app is the brainchild of designers Mivil Deschênes and Jean-Sébastien Beaulieu, who teamed up with animator and director at NFB Patrick Bouchard to come up with a way to provide iPad users with powerful stop-motion tools.

The result is an app inspired by professional animation studios, using overlay frame images for more fluid movement and the ability to import images. There's also an automatic time-lapse photography feature, as well as tools that let you draw onto each frame, add title cards and introduce sound effects to the animation.

Sharing capabilities built into the app mean the animation can be watched by friends and family on Facebook, or by the masses on YouTube and Vimeo.

You can see the StopMo Studio iPad app in action by watching the video at the top of this article. Here's the film that Patrick Bouchard, the animator behind shorts including Bydlo, Subservience and Jutra Award-winning The Brainwashers, created using the app (below).

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