MTV Award-winning music video director Robert Hales of production company Mothership has created a music video for teen popstar Miley Cyrus. Can’t Be Tamed is the title track off the album of the same name, which is released on June 22. The video features a controversial new look and sound for Miley Cyrus, along with wildly elaborate costumes, set designs and choreography.

The video also features languid visual effects from Mothership sister company Digital Domain, which created, among other things, massive digital raven wings for the songstress.

Can’t Be Tamed opens at a black-tie gala at the Natural History Museum as guests assemble for the unveiling of 'the museum’s latest rarity, the once-believed-extinct creature Avis Cyrus'. From within a towering birdcage Miley Cyrus emerges from a nest and when a light bulb flashes, her slick black plumes unfurl and wrap protectively around her body.

Dancers dressed as exotic birds of paradise rise up behind her. They shimmy through the cage’s bars and descend upon the museum, prowling through exhibits and flanked by taxidermied beasts. At one point, the pop siren is transformed into a beautiful peacock creature in a silver corset lying atop a field of brilliant green feathers.

The production was shot live on a sound stage with Digital Domain creating CG set extensions, matte paintings (including a field of digital peacock wings) and the smoky ‘destroyed’ museum environment in the closing shot. Because Mothership and Digital Domain operate as sister companies, Hales and the visual effects team were able to work efficiently over the five-week production schedule -- a very fast turnaround considering the production values of the video and the extensive visual effects.