A global animation competition called Animate Chapman has been launched to celebrate a new feature film based on the memoirs of a member of the Monty Python clan, most notably known as “the dead one”.

Entitled A Liar’s Autobiography – The untrue story of Monty Python’s Graham Chapman, the new film features 17 different styles of animation, original audio recordings by Chapman and voiceovers from the rest of the Pythons, as well as celebrity cameos.

Open to students, amateurs and professional animators alike, entrants should create an animation based on one of eight audio clips from Chapman’s career.

The techniques used can be anything from hand-drawn to CG to stop-motion, but must be edited using Adobe Creative Suite 6 Production Premium software. If you don't own a copy, you can download a trial from adobe.com/uk/downloads. if this doesn't fit with your workflow – for example if you use a specialised stop-motion tool such as Stop Motion Pro – we'd recommend using the trial to stick some titles on the beginning and end of your project to fit the entry requirements.

Entrants must upload their final animation via the official A Liars Autobiography Facebook page and share it with their friends before October 22.

10 winners will be chosen, with each being included on the film’s DVD as an extra (pending appropriate copyright clearance) and on the Monty Python YouTube channel, plus a copy of Creative Suite 6 Production Premium software.

The audio clips are available to download, along with with contest rules, at animatechapman.com.