Maxon has released Cinema 4D R12, the next generation of its professional 3D suite. New features include improved rendering, enhanced dynamics, new deformers and better character animation capabilities. It's available in a number of bundles with different features, but you can't buy modues separately anymore. To see what you get with each version, see Maxon's Product Comparison Chart.

Cinema 4D now includes a comprehensive and rigid body dynamics system based on the Bullet engine. Objects can be connected via hinges, springs and complex joints and with a simple click can be transformed into soft bodies.

Enhanced rendering features include a linear workflow, color profiles, IES Lights, and true units of measurement. Batch rendering has been streamlined with the render task manager, complete with logging capability. Cinema 4D's picture viewer now includes full-screen playback, a histogram display and navigator.

The Inverse Kinetics (IK) system features new dynamic properties. The Cinema 4D Studio bundle also includes a powerful, integrated pose-mixing and morphing system. Several new deformers have been added to include options for modifying objects based on a low-poly cage or within the screen space.

Extensive support for the powerful Python language is now fully integrated allowing users greater functionality to create scripts, expressions and plug-ins. A variety of other new features include double precision, dual transforms, OpenGL 3 support, new architectural shaders, and an parametric spline L-system.