Mackevision's Armin Pohl on creating Game of Thrones' CG landscapes

Armin Pohl is the CEO of visual effects and visualisation studio Mackevision who – unlike many heads of such houses – started work as a VFX artist.

In the video above he talks about how he worked his way up to running his own company and discusses the company's work on HBO's hit series Game of Thrones.

Mackevision's work was primarily on the landscapes of the Seven Kingdoms and further overseas, adding epic castles, monstrous landscapes and the odd giant soldier statue (below, at the entrance to Bravos).

Armin also talks about what's possible for visual effects on TV budgets – not only those of large US TV shows but local productions.

He also details the other side of the Stuttgart-based studio's work from film and TV VFX – creating incredibly visualisations of cars and planes for major vehicle brands – and how a recent German TV project brought both sides together.

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