Luxology Modo 701 released

New features include a particle engine, audio playback, a dedicated dynamics simulation layer and unlimited network rendering.

Luxology has released Modo 701. The company – which was bought by The Foundry last year – says it has added new modelling, sculpting, animation, effects and rendering tool based on feedback from its users.

Modo 701 is available for Mac OS X and Windows, with a Linux version – crucial for big VFX houses that have standardised on the open source OS for their workflows – due soon.

Luxology's co-founder Brad Peebler – and the rather grandly titled president of the Americas at The Foundry – says the Modo 701 includes many more new features than rival applications.

"Modo 701 is clearly another break out release for us," he says. "The combination of the industry's most modern 3D architecture and an incredibly passionate team here continually results in some of the most profound advancements in 3D software.

"With each major release I'm continually asked by our end-users how on earth we are able to pack so much in when most other companies seem to be just doing service packs. While I can't speak to what's holding other companies back, I can say that our success is the combination of technology and team. I believe in those regards we are unmatched."

New features incude:

Procedural particle engine with an easy to use pre-set workflow.

Audio playback and a sound channel modifier, bringing animations to life.

Improvements to the nodal interface, reducing scene graph complexity.

A dedicated dynamics simulation layer, significantly improving performance.

Simplified ways to work with materials and layered shaders.

Large scene performance improvements by as much as 175x, and over 50x faster preview render synchronisation in large scenes. There's also a new Python interpreter, making python execution many times faster.

Unlimited network rendering.

Modo 701 costs US$1,495 (around £990) per licence. Upgrades from 601 cost $495 (£325).


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