Laundry and Mammal turn Eminem into 80s icon Max Headroom for Rap God music video

Director Rich Lee has done it again, and this time with none other than Eminem. Directing his new video Rap God (above), Lee has worked with production company Laundry and VFX house Mammal to transform the Detroit rapper into a Max-Headroom inspired character.

Max Headroom was a popular animated character from the 80s, known for his electronically sampled voice as well as his stutter and wit. Max became the first ever  'computer-simulated megastar' and the show was revolutionary as it brought cutting-edge VFX and motion graphics directly to TVs by using what was then considered state-of-the-art tech.

However, it is interesting to note that in fact, the show had barely any computer graphics. Max’s character actually required over 4 hours of makeup to prepare and even the background was simply a hand-drawn cel animation.


Production company Laundry "strategically amplified the visuals to peak at the song’s climatic verse" by creating a series of animations that complemented the Max Headroom scenes and match the tempo of the song itself.

Mammal created 95 VFX shots to complete the final piece.

Despite many creative and schedule challenges, the video flirts with nostalgia and plays around with a combination of visual effects and lyrics delivering a fantastic final project that is sure to leave viewers mesmerised.

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