Laika proves animation isn't safe with stop-motion stunt skirmish

It's not just teens who can own TikTok it seems, as tremendous animation studio Laika proved this weekend.

With a unique twist on the recent stunt person challenge that's been doing the rounds on the platform, the creative powerhouse behind Missing Link and Coraline decided to pit animated characters against one another in a round of fisticuffs, making for one minute's worth of exhilarating entertainment.  

With the artistry of stop-motion involved, something as short as this is still highly labour-intensive, and a crowd-pleasing testament to all the hard-working talent at Laika Studios.

Having hit over a million views and counting, the video was featured on a whole host of entertainment sites, hopefully bringing Laika to more mainstream recognition. It ain't just Pixar and Disney out there, folks.

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