Animated dragons ride across Philippe Stark's furniture in Miss Ko restaurant

An animated dragon flies across the tables that diners sit at to eat, integrated with imagined Asian news broadcasts.

A new restaurant in Paris features features animations that run across two video counters comprised of 25 synchronized screens. This 'hybrid furniture concept' was designed by Philippe Starck for the Miss Ko restaurant (warning: full-screen nudity), which opened this month.

The video was created by Paris-based production studio Label Dalbin. A dragon animation created by Swiss artist François Chalet moves from one screen to another over the whole table, superimposed over a mosaic of Asian television news broadcasts imagined by Starck.

The 25 NEC screens that form the counters were put together by Difip, with Macs controlling the multi-screen broadcast using software developed by that company.

The video can be customised when the restaurant is hired for private events.

The setup seems similar to the Inamo restaurants in London, though the visuals are of a higher calibre. Miss Ko lacks the ability to interact with the graphics to order though.

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