Jean Jullien’s new music video celebrates International Women’s Day

It’s International Women’s Day – also known as ‘don’t be a dick about it being International Women’s Day, guys’ – and to coincide, Jean Jullien and his brother Nicolas have released a music video (above) for Nicolas’ electronica band The Coward that tells the story of a woman’s life through a series of vignettes.

The video for the track, also called The Coward, was directed and animated by Nicolas using artwork created by Jean – bearing his trademark seemingly-simple brushwork that matches the clean sound of Nicolas’ chiming instrumental music (which reminds us a bit of Visage’s synthpop classic Fade to Grey).

The Coward uses the metaphor of a clock to pick 12 scenes from an ‘everywoman’s life’ – from birth to an early understanding of death, school to career success, find a relationship to moving on when it breaks down, to contentment as her life comes to a close. Rather than focussing on still-very-pertinent subjects such as misogyny, The Coward shows a woman becoming more confident, capable and successful as she gets older – showing the world as it should be (and how it will be in the future hopefully) than how it is now.

Jean and Nicolas (above) work on projects together under the moniker of The Jullien Brothers, having produced videos for the likes of Pitchfork and the NSPCC.

Jean has also produced this graphic for International Women’s Day.

Jean Jullien is best known for his much-shared visual responses to terrorist attacks in France. He's also illustrated the wonderful children's book Hoot Owl and produced illustrations for the likes of Eurostar.

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