The Illustration App That Will Get Your Kids to Draw (now available for Android)

The illustration app that will inspire your kids to draw, Artie’s Magic Pencil, is now available to Google Play and Amazon AppStore users.

The interactive learning app by Minilab has been available to iOS users since August for £2.29, but from today is also available for Android users.

Minilab Studios released the app that fuses the inevitable digital consumption of children with the traditional skill of drawing.

Artie’s Magic Pencil aims to teach the fundamentals of drawing to children – offering a relaxed and encouraging space for potential young illustrators who might need some coaxing into the creative world.

Children follow the story of Artie fighting a little monster on the loose destroying everything in its way. 

If you help Artie to rebuild his world with his magic pencil, then you’ll be hailed a hero. 

Artie’s land is rich in basic shapes – showing how the world around us is made up of a simple geometry of triangles, circles and squares. Children can trace shapes with their fingers and see them come to life.


The story, which can be replayed endlessly, combines quirky yet beautiful handcrafted animations of friendly characters.

Children can choose to redraw and customise their favourite objects as many times as they wish. They’re given the option of more than 15 different objects to draw, and extra downloadable drawing worksheets to print and use at home.

Minilab Studios are also the east London digital company behind Professor Astro Cat’s Solar System – a similar educational app with animations and music focused on the solar system.


Minilab Studios specialise in creating digital experiences that stimulate children’s creativity and curiosity. 

Artie's Magic Pencil is best fitted for children aged between three and six years old.

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