At last night's Oscars, the best VFX gong went to Martin Scorsese's 3D wonder Hugo.

Picking up the award were Hugo’s visual effects supervisor Rob Legato, special effects supervisor Joss Williams, and visual effects supervisor Ben Grossmann and digital effects supervisor Alex Henning from VFX studio Pixomondo, which was the primary VFX house on the production.

Hugo features over 800 stereoscopic-3D VFX shots created by more than 400 artists at ten of Pixomondo’s eleven facilities across the UK, Germany, the US, Canada, China. A love letter to classic cinema and cinema history evoking the look of Paris re-imagined on a 1930’s film set, Hugo was shot in England and France with Grossmann and Henning integrated into the production on set.

Here are some before-and-after shots detailing a small part of Pixomondo's work.