HP has announced a  new range of its Z class desktop workstations at Raleigh Studios in Los Angeles.

The bulk of the new workstation range consists of upgrades to HP's Z800, Z600, and Z400 models. These receive upgrades to the six-core Intel Xeon 5600 (codename Westmere) 32nm processors. The new range offers 12 processor cores and 24 active processes when Intel's HyperThreading technology is in use.

HP also revealed a new Z200 SFF (Small Form Factor) workstation that delivers the same performance in a case that is roughly two-thirds the size of the Z200 model it is based on. The unit uses Intel's core i3 and core i5 processors, as well as a quad-core option based on the Intel Xeon 3400 series.

"It's a small form factor with lots of potential inside" said Terry Pilsner, HP's head of Research and Development. The design is aimed at workspaces with constrained space requirements, such as health care, education, and engineering offices. Particularly in several parts of Asia where space is at a premium. "It's also the quietest workstation we've developed ever" said Pilsner.

"This will take a new direction." said Jeff Wood, HP Global Marketing Director: "we are convinced this will help us continue our lead in the industry."

"The idea wasn't to take a PC and scale it up" said Terry Pilsner "but to take a workstation and create it in a small form factor, and we think there's a real opportunity here."

According  to HP the different models support the following feature sets:

The HP Z800 offers the latest Intel Xeon 5500 and 5600 series processors, providing up to 12 processing cores, up to 192 GB of ECC memory, up to 10TB of high-speed storage and up to dual NVIDIA Quadro FX 5800 graphics.

The HP Z600 also offers Intel Xeon 5500 and 5600 series processors with up to 12 processing cores. It additionally provides up to 48 GB of ECC memory, up to 6TB of high-speed storage, and professional 2D and 3D graphics up to NVIDIA Quadro FX 4800 or dual NVIDIA Quadro FX 1800 graphics.