How Chris Smith made a high-end TV commercial using a single Mac and powerful, affordable software

Bringing a commercial to life using the power of AMD's FirePro, the Mac Pro, Nuke, DaVinci Resolve and The Foundry's NUKE STUDIO.

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Andres Riquelme said: This is a commercial spot by AMD.

Sagor said: As for the vfx job, played once more with actual care, I stand corrected, it is indeed flawed. Light is just wrong in several instances, Nappa and Texas being the super obvious ones - opposite side?! Same solar reflection everywhere, copy and paste? And that wind blowing in Bogota with time-lapsed daylight which both seems to have no effect on the sign whatsoever... is just screaming fake like in a 50's movie with an in-car driving scene. Sorry.

Sagor said: First of all, the ad is well done, but this AMD endorsment is such a bull's crap. This ad was made by an agency, their copywriter, experienced director, DoP (Zeiss Super-Speeds!) and voiceover, field production team, camera drones, steady-cams, truck-boat-car drivers, many plain tickets, catering etc. All seen in terms of post-production could have been done on a 64bit Win7 laptop with decent graphic card, not even Nuke (affordable, really?) was needed since tracking and 3D comping is basic enough for After Effects monthly subscription with the C4D on the job, which is now more seamlessly connected to AE. Alexa's footage is hardly demanding (compared to RED Dragon 6k) in terms of processing power for grading (that Tangent Wave kit is anything but affordable at 3000$) and vfx (rendered in hours on my 2011 HP Elitebook workstation with nVidia Quadro 3000M with 24GB od RAM). Respect for Mr. Smith, job trully well done, but AMD and Digital Arts made read this twice before uncontrollable giggling kicked in

Rahul Ujjal said: I agree if you look at the sign with Wine from Napa Valley the light is coming from opposite side, but then again we are nitpicking

Anonymous said: I would like to prefer QUADRO solution by Nvidia: CUDA technology is more powerful than FirePRO solution with OpenCL GPGPU supported by ATIBad choice Apple!

Anca said: HEB, sorry

Anca said: The reflection of the sunlight on the HGB indicators isn't always the best one, in my opinion. It's a bit.. surreal :)

aliwalker said: Modo/cinema 4d is 1500, Nuke Studio 7000 dollars + 1000 maintenance a year, mac pro from 3000 dollars for basic spec. Looking at this I would of just used After Effects which is 24 dollars a month and would of given a better result. No need for a 3D renderer or complex roto/motion tracking software as it's hardly complicated. Use Alexa footage export stills as .exr create a footage based HDRI light dome, mock up the 3D in AE and adjust lighting there and then. It'll be much easier to get right and as the 3D tag model is backlit it'll look flat so would of sold the shot though making the tag slightly reflective rather than cheat the sun position. This is a way overcomplicated workfow in my opinion, but end result is nice and well done.

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