Guillaume Kurkdjian's wonderful animations for Lyft show why brands should trust artists

Lyft's new campaign came from trusting creator Guillaume Kurkdjian, resulting in some delightful GIF work that fizzes with life and energy.

It's rare for a brand to entrust a creator completely with a brand new campaign, but that's what happened when transport app Lyft called upon Frenchman Guillaume Kurkdjian to populate their homepage with brand new animations.

The outcome has been a series of charming, slickly animated GIFs that stir with life and bring cuteness back to the thronging world of cities and transport.

"The Lyft team globally needed fresh, fun, vibrant and colourful stuff but they also wanted me to keep my own style - without asking me to me imitate someone else's work," Guillaume explains. "That was something that I liked about this whole project."

"We first worked on the design of the 7 cars representing Lyft's different services, which I then animated. After that I worked on about 25 3D animations, a dozen illustrations and also some 2D icon animations. Lyft were always very precise in their briefs and had some really cool ideas so it was a delight for me."

The initial ideas behind each animation came from rough sketches or descriptions from Lyft's side, after which Guillaume would "quickly jump on C4D" to create various drafts.

"All the animation was also done directly in C4D, except for some screen motion designs or icons animations which were done in After Effects." 

Thought the project incorporates a number of vehicles and city scapes, Guillaume is proud of the consistency displayed in his world-building.

"To have made this little universe with interchangeable parts is really satisfying for me," Guillaume says.

"You can take a truck from one animation, easily integrate it to another scene and it works."

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