Google buys Zync VFX cloud rendering firm

Zync Render was used for cloud-based VFX rendering in films such as Star Trek: Into Darkness.

To beef up its cloud platform with more specialised packages, Google is acquiring Zync for its large scale rendering service for movie visual effects, called Zync Render.

Google plans to offer the Zync service on its Google Cloud Platform, where it can be used by VFX studios that do not want to outsource their render farms.

Motion picture studios have used Zync Render to create special effects for a number of movies, including Star Trek: Into Darkness and Looper.

Zync was founded five years ago, originally under the name of Zero VFX, as a cloud-based rendering service.

Better, cheaper VFX rendering

The acquisition will provide Zync customers with better pricing and more scalability, as well as additional rendering packages, according to a statement from Zync.

Google will charge for the service on a per-minute basis. The company did not provide any details about when the service would appear on its cloud platform.

Other motion pictures Zync Render has been used on include American Hustle, Flight, Transformers, and Zookeeper.

Google cloud rival Amazon Web Services also has a service that could be used for large scale rendering, although it is more general in scope. It's called G2 Elastic Cloud Compute and features a configuration that includes Nvidia GPUs.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.


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