Gobelins graduates bring a comic book look to music video-influenced short film

Todor & Petru is a new short film by students from the Gobelins Art School in France, which has one of the most presitgious animation courses in the world. Watch it for an enjoyable mix of stop motion and cartoon -- and so you can say 'oh, they've nicked that from Todor & Petru" when its quirky style is inevitably 'borrowed' for a mainstream music video or mobile phone ad.

The project, shot on a Canon EOS 5D, has a music video style with bold imagery and quick pacing -- backed by an in-your-face hip hop track by The Thunderclaps (ft Orifice Vulgatron, Ghetto, Shameless & Deadly Hunta). Each shot of the film combines stop motion and cartoon, as photographed people are animated as drawn characters in order to give them key poses and to impose the specifically cartoonish animation pace.

The film was produced by French motion design studio Wizz Design.

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