Gentleman Scholar designs titles for Harmony Korine's Spring Breakers

Gentleman Scholar was entrusted with the entire concept and design process for the titles for the film (and trailer above) by the American auteur.

When Gummo-director Harmony Korine needed the opening for his latest feature, Spring Breakers, that reflects its tale of hallucinatory excess – he turned to LA-based creative studio Gentleman Scholar. Spring Breakers, which stars 127 Hours' James Franco and kids TV icon Selena Gomez (in a role tweenage fans of The Wizards of Waverly Place definitely shouldn't see) is cinemas from today.

After Harmony invited the Gentleman Scholar team to invent its own creative brief, “we eventually came up with some weird stuff,” says GS creative Will Johnson. “But it vibed with him from the get-go. Harmony is a really open dude. He had some ideas as far as framework was concerned, but it was a very open dialogue. Ultimately, we came to him with several ideas and he was very receptive, so things progressed from there.”

The Gentleman Scholar designers were relentless in their search for ideas, eventually finding a muse in the day-glow aesthetics of their own Los Angeles surroundings.

“We drew a lot of inspiration from our own “local cheesy vacation spots,”” says GS creative William Campbell. “We went to a Santa Monica beach and explored around there, drawing on the kitschy local beach community ‘look’ and had illustrators and artists on the boardwalk create little things that we eventually drew from to give the titles their final look.”

Gentleman Scholar creatives worked with Harmony to match the tone of the title sequences to the film’s story, allowing their work to fit seamlessly into Harmony’s universe.

“The vibe of his storytelling is the kind of work we love to do,” notes Will, “but the most exciting thing about this project was the breadth of creative freedom we were given. We really excel at matching an initial concept to flawless execution, and it’s something we would love to do more often.”


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