Game of Thrones VFX: how Rodeo FX won a VES Award creating huge armies and fantasy landscapes

Montreal-based Rodeo FX has been one of the main VFX facilities contributing shots to Game of Thrones, and last night it won a VES Award for its work on Season 5 – following the VFX Emmy it won last year. You can watch a breakdown of its work on the show above.

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A team of more than a hundred artists, project managers and technicians worked for six months on the 150 impressive visual effects shots that earned Rodeo FX the statuette.

The Creative Arts Emmy Awards recognises excellence in the television industry, an equivalent to the American Academy Awards for film. The ceremony was held at Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles.

Leading Rodeo’s team on Game of Thrones, VFX supervisor Matthew Rouleau is the one who got his name engraved on the trophy.

“There was such a contagious desire to perform and deliver beyond-stunning visual effects,” Rouleau said of his team. “The artists really put all their talent and their heart into the work. This is why we now have this amazing statuette decorating our office.”

In addition to creating the city of Meereen, the largest and greatest of the three great city-states of Slaver's Bay, Rodeo FX was responsible for generating the massive CG army that attacks it.

The Montreal studio also designed a series of grandiose CG environments, as well as creating a zombie-horse, modelling and animating a cavalry of thousands of horsemen, simulating atmospheric effects, contributing to numerous sequences of wolves and more.

“Although there can only be one name on the trophy, this prize is the result of an incredible team effort and a lot of people deserve to have their name on the award,” Moreau said. “Matthew did an amazing job leading the team, and he was surrounded by a great squad: producer Isabelle Langlois, executive producer Jordan Soles, project manager Annie Cliche and compositing supervisor Patrick David. These guys did an incredible job, and so did the entire Rodeo FX team.”

All images courtesy of HBO and Rodeo FX.

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