After three months of production, Fury's branding, design and animation for this year's MI6 Conference for digital gaming has seen the light.

Fury says that the sequence expresses aspects of the increasing challenges of game development. It tells the story of how game makers and marketers deploy their pixels into a high-stakes game of winners and losers as they all race to the finish line.

The opening animation and other components of the campaign is based around the seemingly basic and elemental structure of three main characters.  Fury says that the aim was the create characters that were simple and charming yet sophisticated.

"We had a lot of fun designing these characters. And even more fun as we got to know them better," says Khal Sawaf, creative director and character designer.

"Each one has a name, a story, and a place in the world," he continues. "They have emotions and desires and work to fulfill them and express them." He maintains that these characters are not as simple as they look. Which is evident if you look closely. Each one is impeccably built and is outfitted with an abstracted functional anatomy and LCD-like displays for emotional expressions.