Free Range mixes manga with message to promote Greenpeace's Detox Fashion campaign

Greenpeace has tapped US-based animation studio Free Range to create a manga-style animated trailer (above) for its Detox Fashion campaign, which aims to get fashion brands to ensure their manufacturing suppliers don't pollute waterways with toxic chemicals.

The campaign group describes the trailer as 'set in a futuristic world, the video reveals the dirty secret behind many of the world’s most famous fashion brands who yield incredible control over a system designed to maximise profits over the interests of people or planet. But just like today, these toxic brands can be usurped by a growing movement of people united by a passionate belief that beautiful fashion shouldn’t cost the earth.'

"Central to the plot of the video was the idea of the 'heroes' journey', a story of empowerment where our protagonist – an unlikely hero – gains the courage to take on a difficult challenge," says Greenpeace's strategic communications manager Tommy Crawford. "In this case, our heroine and her friends were able to fight the broken system by revealing the toxic truth that was hidden behind the glamour and marketing put forward by the fashion world, and inspire others to hold these brands accountable for their actions.”

Since the video was launched last week, it has been covered in Time magazine, Marie Claire, Business of Fashion, The Telegraph, El Mundo, and other news, fashion trade media and blogs.

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