Framestore's Christmas video is funny and knowing - and its biggest VFX and interactive project ever

Framestore may have picked up an Oscar for Gravity, but it's biggest accomplishment this year has topped even that. Project X is a groundbreaking 4D project for a mystery client featuring a fully realised CG model of the Earth. I don't want to spoil its wonder - or its jokes - so you'll have to watch the making-of film above to learn more.

The film includes some totally straight performances from a host of Framestore staff, including Tim Webber - director of visual effects and Gravity's VFX supervisor - and CEO Sir William Sargent. The acting gongs go to directors Chris Waitt and Henry Trotter as put-upon staffers getting the brunt of the head client's ridiculous demands - one of any industry in-jokes in the piece.

Project X isn't just something Framestore's done for fun. It presents the company has being more than just a VFX house, capable of film production and of working with next-generation technologies such as virtual reality - something William Sargent discussed at Cass Business School earlier this year. It also showcases that Framestore has studios around the world, despite being best known as a British company.

Seen any other great self-generated Christmas projects from creative companies? Let us know in the comments below.


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