Framestore VFX stars in 5 Super Bowl ad campaigns

Award-winning visual effects company Framestore helped to create a total of five advertising campaigns that were broadcast during Sunday's Super Bowl XLVIII to an audience of more than 100 million viewers.

Framestore provided the visual effects for T-Mobile, Ford, M&Ms, Sprint and GoDaddy adverts shown during the hugely popular sporting event this weekend.

Framestore's LA and London teams collaborated on the T-Mobile 'Tim Tebow' ad and the Ford Fusion 'Nearly Double' campaign, while the New York Framestore team worked on the M&M's 'Delivery' ad, several spots for Sprint and two GoDaddy adverts.

For T-Mobile's 'Tim Tebow' campaign (above) Framestore helped turn the quarterback into an astronaut, fireman, 70s cop show stunt driver, big foot hunter, rodeo rider, doctor, UN peacemaker, chess player and rock star.

Using similar techniques to those the company used for Gravity, Framestore created lunar landscapes and added helmet visors for the astronaut scene in the T-Mobile ad. Framestore also added eyes to Bigfoot, completed head replacements, created an inferno of fire, and, for the biggest challenge, created a complete rodeo crowd using just 50 extras.

Framestore's contribution to the M&M 'Delivery' ad (above) is less obvious than in the T-Mobile ad, but still hugely important. Nearly every shot in the commercial has subtle Framestore VFX in it.

Framestore also contributed a wide array of VFX to Ford's 'Nearly Double' ad (above), which stars Rob Riggle and James Franco.

For GoDaddy, Framestore added bulk and muscle to characters in the company's 'Body Builder' Super Bowl ad (above). Framestore also worked on GoDaddy's Puppet Master ad.

Finally, Framestore worked on each of the spots for Sprint's 'Family' Super Bowl campaign, creating blending-morphs for each of the characters that remain on screen as other characters appear and disappear around them.

The Super Bowl is one of the most watched events on TV, so it's a prime spot for advertising from big companies. Among the other ads shown during this year's Super Bowl are Budweiser's 'Puppy Love', a Toyota ad starring the Muppets and a GoPro ad that shows skydiver Felix Baumgartner's jump from space to earth.


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