Farmville 2's 3D character design & animation revealed

Autodesk has released a video (above) interviewing the design team behind the Zynga's popular Farmville 2 casual online and Facebook game. Zynga says Farmville 2 has over 40 million players per month and eight million per day. Released in September 2012, it added an animation-heavy 3D world to the original uber-popular timewasting game, created in 3ds Max – hence Autodesk's interest.

The behind-the-scenes video details how the Zynga team modeled, animated and rigged 3D characters and environments to build an engrossing game. Alongside 3ds Max, the team also used the Flare3D plug-in to output the models to Flash for use in the game. It also looks at the creative thought process and design behind Farmville 2, and the evolution and future of casual gaming.

Zynga staff interviewed include director of design Wright Bagwell; lead animator Ryan Hood; art director Daryl Anselmo; senior technical artist Brian Huffman and general manager of shared technology Richard Rabbit.

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