Fabrica's De Versicoloribus Naturalium Ludis is a psychedelic trip back to 80s animation

There's been some debate today at Digital Arts as to whether this new video from Benetton's 'communication research centre' Fabrica is wonderful or hideous (or both). De Versicoloribus Naturalium Ludis from director Artem Ludyankov is certainly garish – and its use of relatively simple 3D models, overly shiny not-really-textures and psychedelic colours reminds me of the early, experimental days of video art and CG animation.

The video's a surreal vision of the jungle, where Artem has used animated brightly coloured textures to draw attention to things we take for granted. The results are reminiscent of the likes of William Latham.

"Are we able to see unusual things in our life?," he says. "Is our mind so used to recognize only common things of our daily life for us to lose a lot of interesting things around us? Optical illusion exists for the same reason. We see what we expect to see.”

The poster for De Versicoloribus Naturalium Ludis

De Versicoloribus Naturalium Ludis is being shown at the Pictoplasma Festival of character art and design in Berlin, which kicks off tomorrow until Sunday. Check back next week for our report on the best work and current trends from Inkygoodness's Lisa Hassell.

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