F5 festival titles will bombard you back into being creative

Whether you've been overdoing it or taking it easy over the Bank Holiday weekend, getting back into the right mindset to be creative can be tricky after three days off. So wake yourself up by watching the above titles for this years F5 Fest.

The creativity festival took place in Terminal 5 in New York City last month, and was kicked off by these high-velocity titles by Block & Tackle – aka creative directors Adam Gault and Ted Kotsaftis.

The titles were based around a open concept: love. The result is a frenetic, stream-of-conciousness containing a multiplicity of imagery representing the many different ways the subject matter can be represented – and the diverse talent appearing on stage at the festival.

“We thought of it as an experimental narrative, with Love as the central theme,” says Adam. “We’d watch down the rough cut and then let our gut reaction to the holes in the edit inform what we made next."

Block & Tackle also incorporated the names of the speakers into the titles, who included Parker Posey, Antfood, Brannon Braga, Patrick Claire and Sonar.

“I feel like the names being huge and really in your face – it just fits with the edit and doesn’t actually distract from the visuals much at all,  You still get a clear sense of the narrative.” says Ted.

The music is an original track by Fall On Your Sword.

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