Gloam is a beautiful short film created by designers David Elwell and Gareth Hughes. It follows a horned wooden creature of indeterminate background whose encounter with some fireflies leads to some strange experiences, leading up to a, well, you should watch the film above to find out.

David is currently working at a local college and says he was "inspired by a friend’s talk last year I made a conscious decision to create a labour-of-love project that would hopefully put me on the path to a career I am truly passionate about. Having previously dabbled in VFX I had a basic understanding of its principles and with that in mind, began to educate myself in the necessary programs with the aim of creating a short film."

Considering the quality of the film, which has a feel similar to Spike Jonze's film version of Maurice Sendak's Where The Wild Things Are, we can easily see David carving out a career in the VFX industry.

You can watch character and shot breakdowns below. Live-action footage was shot on an Canon EOS 600D attached to a SteadiCam Merlin, with CG created in Maya and zBrush – and rendered using V-Ray. The film was composited using a mixture of After Effects and Nuke.