CG training provider Escape Studios has announced a series of low-cost online training in packages such as Maya, aimed at cultivating the skills of students, aspiring 3D artists, and amateur CG enthusiasts.

Courses are aimed at preparing people for a career in CG, and cover packages including Maya, ZBrush and Nuke in areas including VFX, character animation, game art and compositing.

Each course features 10 hours or more of trianing materials; prices start from £99.99; most courses are priced £139.99 or thereabouts. There is a 50% discount for full-time students, who can also claim Escape Studios’ educational discount for the Autodesk Creation Suite, which comprises Maya, Mudbox, 3ds Max, MotionBuilder and Softimage and is available for under £150, enabling them to buy and get trained on state-of-the-art software for less than £210.

Trainees can access the materials at any point for a year from the start of their training.

Lee Danskin, Training Development Director for Escape Studios, said: “CG is the final frontier for people looking to express their creativity, and you don’t need specialist equipment to make your first forays. We think there’s a huge untapped pool of talented CG wannabes doing some great work in bedrooms and studios across the world. Our new online training will enable them to acquire the professional skills they need to go into this industry.”

Danskin added: "We think our new online courses will give people the leg-up they need to start a career as a CG pro or just move their work on to the next level. If you’re interested in CG but don’t have the time or money to attend formal classroom training, our online courses are the perfect solution.”

For more information visit the Escape Studios website.