Director of John Lewis' Christmas ad makes powerful & shocking gun safety animation

The director of John Lewis' The Bear & The Hare advert, Yves Geleyn has directed a thought-provoking animated film for States United to Prevent Gun Violence.

According to States United to Prevent Gun Violence, at least six children are injured every day in an unintentional shooting. That's why the organisation has worked with the director of John Lewis' popular Christmas advert, Yves Geleyn, to create a shocking but powerful animated film to encourage the safe storage of guns.

The film, which will be shown on US television as a Public Service Announcement, stars a young, animated boy who believes that there is a "monster in the closet," despite reassurances from his parents. However, it turns out that there is a monster in the closet, though not the kind of monster you may first imagine. The result of the boy finding this monster is tragic and horrific.

Yves Geleyn and production house Hornet Inc worked with Cut+Run's Joel Miller and DEVO co-founder Mark Mothersbaugh to create the film, which ends with the message: "The monster is real. 1.5 million US children are living with unlocked loaded guns."

In addition to the popular John Lewis Christmas advert, Hornet Inc has previously worked on adverts for clients including Honda, Oreo, Toyota, Diesel, Nike, E4 and many more.

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