Dear Satan: This funny animation imagines what happens when an innocent girl accidentally sends her Christmas wish list to Satan instead of Santa

Global marketing agency Anomaly are known to create wonderfully humorous animations around Christmas time, and this year is no exception – but it comes with a slightly sinister twist.

We haven’t seen many Christmas-dedicated projects from creative agencies this year, but Anomaly hasn’t disappointed us.

With a script thick with sarcasm narrated by actor and national treasure Patrick Stewart and excellent visuals, the team have produced a 6-minute film about a girl who makes an unfortunate typo when writing a wishlist to Santa. Watch it below. 

Last year Anomaly created the viral hit 12 Days of Christmas, narrated by Fleabag's Phoebe Waller-Bridge and outlining how strange that song actually is when you think about it in modern context – who wants a partridge in a pear tree in their London flat?

This year the narrative follows one innocent girl’s letter addressed to Satan instead of Santa, talking about how wonderful he is, and how she (ironically named Hope) wants a puppy for Christmas. Filled with love and hope for once in his life, the somewhat stereotypical Satan character embarks on a journey to fufill Hope's dream; however it’s not quite what she imagined. Satan embarks on a journey of self discovery and compassion.

The film is written, directed, animated and produced by Anomaly and 7th Flor, with illustration by Serge Seidlitz. Serge is and illustrator who combines elements of pop culture with influences from his global upbringing. His portfolio includes character design, graphics, maps and information graphics.

“The Anomaly Christmas film is a chance for us all to make something for the sheer pleasure of it,” says the team. “The whole agency present ideas, we pick one and then we make it all ourselves.

“This idea made us all laugh from a single sentence and has even spawned ‘Secret Satan’ at this year’s Christmas party.”

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