DAZ has taken the unusual step of releasing all of its major 3D applications for free until February 29.

Until Feb 29, the high-end Pro version of the DAZ Studio 4 3D figure posing and modelling software, the Bryce 7 Pro 3D landscape generation software, the Hexagon 2.5 technical modelling software and the 3D Photoshop Bridge tool for bringing Daz Studio scenes into Photoshop are all available for free.

DAZ Studio 4 Pro normally costs $429.95 (around US£270). Bryce 7 Pro used to cost $249.95 (£160), with Hexagon 2.5 previously $149.95 (£95) and 3D Photoshop Bridge $199 (£125). The offer isn't entirely altruistic, as Daz has made a fair chunk of its revenue – and all of its revenue until Feb 29, it seems – from selling content for use in the tool, including 3D human models, 3D anatomy, clothing, animals, vehicles, buildings, environments and 3D animations.

While DAZ's tools are often unfairly associated with misogynistic renderings of anatomically impossible women and lumpy ogres – largely because these type of models comprise much of its best-selling content – its tools are capable of producing high-quality CG renders for a huge range of purposes (as shown above and below).