Victoria 5 is the latest version of the Daz 3D’s favourite figure, which was first released in 1999. The new model was built with the company's new highly-detailed and flexible Genesis platform, and was crafted entirely by hand.

Daz 3D says that Victoria 5’s body was designed to retain high levels of detail, even under the weight of extreme poses. Through the Genesis Tri-Ax weight map system, Victoria is now able to bend with greater dexterity without any unsightly UV distortion.

“Victoria was the first character we specifically designed for Genesis,” says Daz 3D's chief strategy officer. “Thanks to Genesis, we were able to create a completely original body shape without generalizing or removing any fine details. Victoria now has even more of the innate versatility that our community demands.”

Key features of Victoria 5 include:

  • Custom UVs: New, optimized UV's created specifically for the Victoria 5 mesh shape allow for flawless skin detail without seams
  • Original, Detailed Body Shape: more options for specificity and detail without losing the ability to blend other shapes and forms with your character
  • Optimized Joint Setup: Hand painted weight maps for improved joint bending and mesh deformation beyond what the automated Genesis rig accommodates

Daz says that previous-generation clothing and add-ons can be quickly re-configured to fit the Victoria 5 Genesis figure using DAZ Studio 4’s Auto-Fit tool.

Victoria 5 costs $49.95 (around £31). Accompanying bundles of clothing, hair, and other add-ons are also available in the DAZ 3D store.