David McCandless' infographics will be brought to life on the walls of New York's Grand Central Terminal at the end of March for a new campaign for The Financial Times.

Projected onto a wall, the animated, interactive infographics will tell reveal information about key subjects in The FT's current coverage: the US and the global economies, the mobile technology revolution, the global recovery.
A touch-sensitive floormat allows viewers to interact with the films and explore their content in greater detail.

In an age of big data and complex financial systems, both effective storytelling and a global view are key to understanding what’s happening and what will happen next in international trends and the economy," says David McCandless. "With an unrivaled journalistic pedigree and a strong global perspective, The FT is a great partner for this endeavor, which marks the new direction for the data visualization field.”

You can watch a video interview with David McCandless created by The FT about the project below.