See a sci-fi vision of NYC in 2050

This new short film from 1stAveMachine founder/director Arvind Palep depicts a vision of New York City in the year 2050.

At the very bottom of subterranean Manhattan, in a setting that renders the current city  unrecognisable, a futuristic NYPD investigates a trail leading them to an ambush.

The film blends live-action, visual effects, and animation, creating an ominous landscape strewn with the detritus of civilisation.

"I was always inspired by New York's skyscrapers and the amount of construction  always going on," said Palep. "I love imagining a future world where street level Manhattan is now a forgotten world."

Palep directed and was also responsible for the considerable VFX work, that uses a combination of 3ds Max,  After Effects and (minimal) live action plates.

Peter Jensen helped with the 3D, while the distinctive HUD design was by Sean Wehrli. Music and sound design is by Shane LaRue.

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